Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Perfect Bali Itinerary: Saturday

Rainy Saturday at the hotel.

I met our driver, Gede, in the hotel lobby at 11am. Gede is from the Uluwatu area and can be reached for sightseeing and chauffeur service at +62 087 860 044 733. He drove us two hours north, into the center of Bali, to the town of Ubud.
Entering Ubud.
Our first stop was Ibu Oka for suckling pig. The restaurant has a roof but is open on the sides. It was a nice atmosphere (for a hungover day) to eat at a picnic table with the sound of drizzle from above and the rain sliding off the roof to the side.

We left the restaurant and walked towards town. We passed a temple and walked through the markets. It rained off and on all day and we were caught in a downpour but the ladies waited out the rain by getting hour long pedicures.

Walking the streets of Ubud.
The Temple.

City markets.
Before leaving Ubud, we took a walk through the monkey forest. It was unbelievable. It was like walking through scenes of the Jungle Book. There were huge stone ruins covered in green moss, a pretty river running through the reservation, and the tall canopy covered with vines. But most importantly, there were packs of monkeys everywhere and they were not shy.

After I had given up all my bananas, a little rascal came up to me and started looking through my bag. I  snatched my bag away, but he started to tug at my skirt, I couldn't help but make a face at him and then he hissed at me! A lady from nowhere started yelling at the monkey and shook a broom at him. She told me I can't put my hand in my purse because the monkeys will come... you can see a clip of our monkey experience here.
Stumble upon this private rice paddie looking for a bathroom.
We left the rice paddies of Ubud and headed back down south. We stopped at a beachside seafood restaurant for dinner in Jimbaran. Before heading home, we grabbed a drink at a gorgeous cliff-side outdoor lounge called Rock Bar at the Ayana Hotel. After being hungover, rained on, and climbed on by monkeys, I was feeling like something the cat dragged in and this bar was nothing but posh and indulgent luxury.
Beachy dinner in Jimbaran.
I ended the night hanging out at the hotel pool. My friend and I shared a bottle of wine and talked life before getting kicked off the grounds at 2am.

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